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It doesn't matter if you run a load a week or face a mountain of your family's laundry every day. A propane-powered clothes dryer can make a big impact in your family's budget, compared with electric models. Think of the wardrobe you can buy, after saving 20 percent on annual energy costs.

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    Propane: Does Everything But Fold

    Even with propane's huge energy cost savings, these dryers are packed with the high-performance features you're looking for. You'll find models that include steam cycles to de-wrinkle and freshen garments, drum lights to make it easier to see into the unit, LCD control screens for ease of use, and other time- and labor-saving features. 

  • Propane Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

    As one of the most energy intensive devices in your home, you might think your propane-powered clothes dryer has a large carbon footprint. Exactly the opposite is true. Your propane model saves nearly a ton of CO2 over its lifetime, compared with electric dryers.

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    A Better Way to Dry

    With faster drying, fewer wrinkles and less ironing, and big savings in energy costs, you'll wish you'd switched to a propane clothes dryer much, much sooner. 

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    Tools, training, incentives, and other valuable resources specifically for construction professionals are available at BuildWithPropane.com

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