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    The All-Propane Home Case Study

    A single propane appliance will perform better and save you money compared with electric; now experience the comfort, efficiency, and energy savings of an all-propane home. In this case study, you'll hear from builders and homeowners across the country who are taking advantage of the performance only propane can deliver.

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    When Propane Is A No-Brainer

    What do you do when you're building a development where homebuyers expect to have the benefits and comfort of gas, but you're off the natural gas grid? For Saratoga Builders, it was a no-brainer: build with propane. Every home in their 39-lot Schuyler Pointe community features a propane furnace, water heater, stove, and even a fireplace. “You have to have propane,” said partner Sam Palazzole. “Electric is just way too expensive.”

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    Residential Appliance Brochure

    Whether you're building or remodeling, including propane appliances throughout your home can make a big difference in comfort and savings, compared with all-electric homes. Download this brochure and learn more about propane space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, and standby power.

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    Propane Living Is Green Living

    If you're interested in reducing your family's carbon footprint, propane is the ideal fuel source for your home. Take a tour of an all-propane home to learn about its environmental and performance advantages. 

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    Straight Talk From Builders About Propane

    If you're getting ready to build or remodel your home, listen to what these builders from around the country have to say about propane. From greater energy savings of propane-powered appliances to the added ambiance of outdoor lighting, propane has advantages other energy sources can't beat. 

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    Are You A Construction Professional?

    Tools, training, incentives, and other valuable resources specifically for construction professionals are available at BuildWithPropane.com

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