Building and Remodeling


  • New Homes

    For new home construction, the Propane Energy Pod is a home energy package that delivers superior comfort and efficiency compared with all-electric homes. High-efficiency propane gas appliances for major applications combine for optimal energy performance unmatched by electric alternatives. The addition of a propane backup generator ensures continued performance when the power goes out.

    Space heating: Cost-efficient heating with a more comfortable and consistent warmth.

    Water heating: Faster hot water with up to 50 percent cost savings compared with electric options.

    Cooking: The joy and control of cooking with gas just like the professionals.

    Clothes Drying: Faster drying for up to 20 percent reduced energy use.

    Fireplaces: Significantly warmer and more energy efficient than electric or wood fireplaces.

    With the Propane Energy Pod, homeowners benefit from the performance, comfort, and efficiency of gas energy. Learn more and to use the Propane Energy Pod interactive tool, visit buildwithpropane.com.


  • Remodeling

    Propane is a great choice when you are looking for an energy-efficient remodel. Endless hot showers, hours by the fireplace, and a restaurant-caliber kitchen are a few of the added comforts that can be expected when a remodel is fueled by propane.

    Replacing existing electric appliances with propane models for all of your primary household energy needs — space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and fireplaces — can increase a home's comfort and efficiency. For example, an Energy Star-qualified propane tankless water heater with an efficiency factor of 82 percent could save up to 60 percent on your energy bill compared with a standard electric model. And, using propane produces less than half of the greenhouse gas emissions than using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid.

    In addition, the advancements of propane space heating systems have far outpaced heating oil in virtually every way. Not only will your family enjoy more consistent warmth, but you'll also enjoy the tremendous performance and value of propane-powered furnaces and boilers. In the Northeastern United States, for instance, converting to an Energy Star Most Efficient-rated propane furnace could save you 17 percent in annual energy costs while producing 30 percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions compared with a standard efficiency heating oil unit.

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