Refueling for Fleet Vehicles and Buses

The best refueling option for your fleet depends on its size, routes, and refueling timing. Your local propane supplier can help you select the right option for your situation.

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    Get Up to Speed on Propane Autogas Refueling

    With propane autogas, you have five types of refueling styles to choose from for your convenience. Read about your options, the associated costs, and how to get started with a propane supplier.

  • On Site Refueling Options

    Advanced private station

    This option includes larger gallon tanks, a canopy, and multiple dispensers to support fleets of 50 vehicles or more.

    Option 1: Propane Supplier Owns Infrastructure

    The fleet is responsible for site preparation: crash protection and electrical for a two-dispenser setup.

    Option 2: Fleet Owns Infrastructure

    The fleet is responsible for the cost of a canopy, propane tank, pump, motor, and dispenser with card lock and vehicle tracking capability, which can vary based on the complexity of the station.



  • Standard private station

    This is best for small fleets of 50 vehicles or fewer, and includes a 1,000- to 3,000-gallon tank that acts as a convenient central refueling location.

    Option 1: Propane Supplier Owns Infrastructure

    The fleet is responsible for site preparation: crash protection and electrical.

    Option 2: Fleet Owns Infrastructure

    The fleet will need to account for purchasing the propane tank, pump, motor, and dispenser.



  • Quick-Connect Nozzle

    Quick-Connect Nozzles

    Refueling propane autogas vehicles is now easier than ever. With this new technology, your drivers simply click the nozzle into place and begin fueling as easily as they would with conventional fuels. The nozzles may be used with one hand and may not require the user to wear protective equipment.

    Contact your local supplier to learn more about the nozzles and installation.

  • Private or public networks

    Fleets with limited space, or fleets needing more fueling locations along their routes can take advantage of this option with no infrastructure investment. Network refueling stations are accessible 24/7 through a card lock system.

    If a network is not currently available in your area, a propane supplier may create one for your fleet, if it's large enough. Alternatively, multiple fleets can team up to provide adequate load for requesting a refueling network.

    The map below displays refueling station locations in the U.S. Click here for a complete list of refueling stations.


  • Installing Your Own Refueling Station

    To learn how easy it is to install your own on-site refueling station, contact one of the nationally based suppliers below. Each is equipped to answer refueling inquiries and carry out installations.

    BergquistAgility Fuel Solutions LogoSuperior Energy

    Gas Equipment CompanyIPS EquipmentLPG & NH3 Supply

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