Quieter School Buses

Every morning, millions of kids start their day on the school bus. Once it pulls away from the curb, students' safety is in the hands of their bus driver. But on a noisy diesel school bus, a driver may be unable to hear critically important situations happening in their rearview mirror or outside.

  • What Educators are Saying About Propane Buses:

    "The buses are so quiet. When our wheelchair buses are picking up, outside the bus the ambient noise level is about 90 decibels for a diesel bus. It's so noisy that you can't hear yourself think. [Propane buses] can really reduce the stress level in a chaotic situation."

    — Peter Crossan, fleet and compliance manager, Department of Transportation, Boston Public Schools

  • "The drivers like it. They like the quietness of them."

    — Kathy Houk, transportation administrator, Reynolds School District

  • "Propane buses are extremely quiet which played a role for our drivers and students on the bus. Our drivers can hear more and be more aware of what is going on inside the bus instead of trying to hear over a loud diesel engine."

    — Pat Mitchell, director of transportation, Mobile County Public School System

  • "It's just so quiet. The kids aren't so noisy; they don't have to talk so loud. And for me, now I can hear what's on the outside [of the bus], too."

    — Carol Patchen, driver, St. Francis Independent School District 15

  • "You can hear [the passengers] and they can hear you."

    — Dave Anderson, director of transportation & fleet, Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Propane School Buses

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