Propane School Buses

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When it's time for your school district to buy new buses, should they stick with diesel, or switch to a cleaner option that supports students for years to come? Use the tools on this page to start a conversation about better buses with your district.

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    Get Started with this Toolkit

    If you're a parent, guardian, or educator, you can make a positive impact on your student's future by advocating for better school transportation. Download this toolkit for tips on how to talk to your school district about propane buses.

  • Cleaner Operation & Brighter Futures

    Propane Saves More For Schools

    At a time when budgets are tight, propane school buses are improving schools with consistently lower costs than diesel buses. So, when a district switches from diesel to propane, it's in a better position to afford more instructors, classroom supplies, or extracurricular activities.

    Watch the video below to hear how much one school district is saving with propane school buses.

    No More Black Smoke

    The shorter height of younger students puts them face-to-face with a black cloud of harmful emissions every school day. With propane buses, however, students aren't exposed to the emissions in conventional fuel that can aggravate asthma and cause other health issues. Districts that choose propane buses are making a smarter decision for students and the neighborhoods they live in.

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    School Bus Safety Tips

    Propane school buses are an excellent choice to keep students safe every day, meeting rigorous U.S. FMVSS and Canadian CMVSS motor vehicle safety standards. Propane buses also operate noticeably quieter than diesel buses, allowing the bus driver to focus better, keeping students safer. Here are a few more safety tips to remember every school day.

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    Are You a School Transportation Professional?

    For more detailed information about propane school buses, plus case studies and maintenance facility requirements, visit the School Transportation page.

Propane Autogas Buses Across the U.S.

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Peace of Mind for Parents

Can you hear how much safer propane school buses are for kids?