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  • Business Case For Mowers Image

    Business Case for Mowers Brochure

    As a business owner, you just want to know the real difference propane will make to your bottom line. Need more proof that propane pays off? Download this brochure to read true stories of fleets that have improved both sides of the balance sheet by adopting propane-powered equipment.

  • Warren Wilson Case Study Image

    Warren Wilson College Case Study

    This North Carolina university adopted propane-powered landscape equipment after a trial program with its local propane retailer. The trial propane mowers allowed Warren Wilson to reduce its greenhouse gas and carbon monoxide emissions with minimal financial investment. Later, Warren Wilson expanded its propane use to include mini-trucks, a tractor, forklift, and utility vehicle.

  • City of Lake Charles Case Study Image

    City of Lake Charles Case Study

    This Louisiana municipality turned to propane when its emissions levels approached EPA thresholds for public health. Now, it uses propane commercial mowers, forklifts, light-duty pickups, and transit buses to significantly cut harmful emissions while lowering total cost-of-ownership. In 2015, Lake Charles saved over $5,000 on fuel and maintenance. 

  • Proscape Case Study Teaser Image

    Proscape Case Study

    This full-service New England company converted its entire fleet to propane within one year. Clients, especially larger corporations, started showing interest in sustainable practices for their landscaping. Read this case study to learn how Proscape found opportunity for a niche in the market while cutting their fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Columbus Case Study

    City of Columbus Case Study

    Columbus, Ohio recognized the need to move toward greener practices that were both environmentally and financially intelligent. As part of their citywide Green Fleet Action Plan, they adopted 14 propane-powered mowers. Compared with gasoline mowers, Columbus now saves 50 cents per gallon on fuel costs while reducing carbon monoxide and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Davis Mowing Service Case Study

    Davis Mowing Service Case Study

    As a small landscape contractor, this family-owned company was interested in reducing operating costs while remaining competitive. The lower operating costs of propane-powered mowers allow them to pass savings on to customers and outbid competitors.

  • lnds_7_denison

    Denison Landscaping and Nursery Case Study

    This Maryland lawn and landscape company converted to propane-powered mowers and now estimates they save 80 cents to one dollar per gallon using propane. Impressed by both the fuel savings and performance of their new propane-powered mowers, they eventually invested in two Roush CleanTech Ford F-250 trucks. Propane has extended the life of their equipment and lowered maintenance costs.

  • lnds_7_mccoys

    McCoy’s Lawn Equipment Superstore Case Study

    This landscape equipment dealer gained a competitive advantage by becoming an early adopter of propane-powered commercial mowers. Austin, Texas-based McCoy's Lawn Equipment saw new customers from local governments and other landscape contractors that were seeking the low emissions and cost benefits that propane provides.

  • RCI Case Study Image

    Rotolo Consultants, Inc. (RCI) Case Study

    One of the largest companies of its kind in the southeastern U.S., RCI prides itself on pulling off quick turnaround projects — which made the reduced downtime of propane equipment even more appealing. RCI has now standardized its fleet with all propane mowers and bi-fuel propane autogas vehicles.

  • Russo Case Study_Image

    Russo Case Study

    Russo Lawn & Landscape in Windsor Locks, Connecticut is a family-owned, commercial landscape company. Its year-round business model requires the company to store equipment and fuel in the off-season. After making the switch to propane, they eliminated fuel degradation issues, saved 50 percent in fuel costs, and increased overall efficiency.

  • Trump Case Study Image

    Trump Lawn and Land Company Case Study

    As a company that primarily serves residential customers, Trump Lawn and Land was attracted to the low emissions benefits of propane mowers. By greening up its work with an all-propane fleet of mowers, Trump now has a competitive edge over competitors.

  • University of Louisville Case Study

    University of Louisville Case Study

    U of L’s Ground Services Department recognized the need to reduce emissions on the heels of a campus-wide green initiative in 2008. Since adopting propane, the department has successfully incorporated sustainability into its daily operations, on top of saving an average of $2,000 annually.

  • U.S. Lawns Case Study

    U.S. Lawns Case Study

    Franchisees Steve and Teana Ferguson were looking for economical ways to reduce their company’s carbon footprint. Since their transition to a propane-powered fleet, the husband-and-wife team has saved more than 50 percent on fuel costs while cutting their greenhouse gas and carbon monoxide emissions.

  • 2016 Market Research Results and Insights Image V2

    2016 Market Research Results and Insights

    Read the 2016 research results and insights to better understand the outlook for propane in the commercial landscape market.

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