Propane: The Industry's Best-Kept Secret

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More landscape professionals are discovering propane is the key to cutting expenses while increasing income. Compared with conventional fuels, propane improves both sides of the balance sheet by powering unexpected advantages. With the Propane Mower Incentive Program happening now, it's the perfect time to launch your savings with propane. When you're ready to get started, use the Propane Equipment Dealer Point tool to find a knowledgeable dealer near you.

  • More Green-Minded Customers

    More Green-Minded Customers

    Contractors can leverage propane's low-emissions status in their marketing to access bids that require alternative fuel. Read a case study about one landscaping company that's reducing its carbon footprint with propane equipment.


  • Reduced Fuel Waste

    Reduced Fuel Loss

    Propane equipment has a secure, closed-loop fuel system. This saves money by virtually eliminating costly, harmful spills, and dramatically reducing fuel theft. Watch this video to hear one landscape company talk about why the secure system matters to their business.

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    Reduced Labor Expenses

    With propane's convenient, on-site refueling, employees spend more time working and less time at the gas station. On the jobsite, employees are more productive and satisfied using the equipment that runs on clean, American-made propane. Learn more about propane's refueling options.

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    Reduced Fuel Costs

    Propane is consistently less expensive than gasoline at the pump, cutting contractors' largest expense. Hear how other contractors are saving money with propane.

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    More Competitive Bids

    Contractors can pass their savings from propane onto customers during the bid process for a unique competitive edge. Read a case study about a small Wisconsin contractor who's outbidding competitors.


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    For Dealers: Grow Your Business

    You could become a go-to resource for contractors seeking propane-powered equipment. Learn how to get started.

Cut Your Refueling Time

Learn how propane saves you money with easy refueling options.

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