Stretch Your Budget For New Equipment? Propane Can Do That.

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You can save on new propane-powered ag equipment, through the Propane Education & Research Council’s Propane Farm Incentive Program (PFIP).

We’ll give you up to $5,000, just for helping us prove the benefits of clean, American propane in the field. Below, you’ll find a list of available equipment, and the steps in the PFIP application process.

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    Rebuild Better. Rebuild Stronger.

    Were you directly affected by Hurricanes Irma or Harvey, or the wildfires in California? Check the box in your PFIP application to ensure you’re eligible for double incentive dollars. Apply today, because double incentives expire April 30, 2018.

  • Qualifying Equipment

    The agricultural equipment listed below may be eligible for the program. Qualifying equipment and participating equipment dealers are subject to change at any point.

    Propane-Powered Industrial Engines
    New, EPA- and/or CARB-certified industrial engines used for agricultural purposes, typically in pumping applications, can qualify for incentives of $300/liter of displacement, up to $5,000 total. Additionally, EPA- or CARB-Certified dual fuel systems can quality for an incentive up to $3,000.

    Propane-Powered Generators
    New, EPA- and/or CARB-certified generators are eligible for incentives when used for agricultural purposes. Prime power generators can qualify for incentives of $30/kW while backup power generators can qualify for incentives of $15/kW.

    Propane-Powered Water Heating Systems
    New, high-efficiency water heating systems used in agricultural production operations are eligible for an incentive of $2,000. The system must either be installed in new construction or as a conversion from another power source.

    Propane-Powered Poultry, Swine, & Greenhouse Heating Systems
    New heating systems are eligible for an incentive of $0.10/square foot, up to $2,000 maximum per system, when installed as part of an entire system installation. The complete system must either be installed in new construction or as a conversion from another power source.

    Propane-Powered Flame Weed Control
    New, flame weed control systems are eligible for an incentive of $1,500.

  • Applying Is Easy

    Getting your incentive dollars is easy. Here’s how the process works:

    Step 1: Fill out the online PFIP Application.

    Step 2: Once you’re approved to take part in the program, you’ll receive a link via email to a webpage with: the Program Guidelines, the Contact Form/Contract and a W-9 Form, and a Pre-season Survey.

    Step 3: After downloading and completing all the forms, send them to PERC, along with proof of purchase (including serial numbers) for all qualifying equipment.

    Step 4: In about 30 days, PERC will send you your incentive payment.

    Step 5: Watch your inbox at the end of the season for a second survey. You must complete this post-season survey to be eligible for future incentives.

  • Apply Today

    The best time to apply for the Propane Farm Incentive Program is right now. The sooner you apply, the sooner you could receive up to $5,000 toward the purchase of new propane-powered ag equipment.

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  • Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers

    If you have questions about the Propane Farm Incentive Program, please contact Cinch Munson at 202-452-8975 or cinch.munson@propane.com.

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