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  • Swift Greenhouse Thumbnail

    Building Heat at Swift Greenhouses — Gilman, Ia.

    Healthy plants require precise temperature control, and that can be difficult to maintain in a state like Iowa. Swift Greenhouses relies on multiple propane heating systems, including forced air furnaces and radiant heat, to provide consistent, efficient heat for each of their 1,300 varieties of plants and shrubs. 

  • Irrigation Engine Demo Results - CA - Image

    Irrigation Engine Demo Results — California

    PERC partnered with engine manufacturers, California equipment dealers, and growers to test the performance of propane-powered engines in the state. Eight units were placed in fields to irrigate a variety of crop types, including rice, wine grapes, feed for dairy cattle, fruits, nuts, and vegetables for one growing season.

  • ag_4_vineyard

    Irrigation at Last Frontier Vineyards — Creston, Calif.

    With costs for water, chemicals, and farm labor on the rise, this operation searched for ways to improve efficiency and save money. By switching from a diesel-powered irrigation engine to a propane-powered 4.3-liter GM engine, Boyer has significantly reduced his energy costs.

  • ag_4_walnut

    Irrigation at Montemagni Farms — Visalia, Calif.

    Eric Montemagni, a second-generation farmer, cares for 150 acres of English walnuts on his ranch in California. When he was looking for an affordable and reliable irrigation solution, he was pleased to find a propane option available. Read how he immediately reduced energy expenses, improved efficiency, and decreased his environmental impact.

  • Walvoord_image

    Irrigation at the Walvoord Farm — Waterloo, Neb.

    When Bud Walvoord switched to a pivot irrigation system, he needed new engines with more horsepower to replace the propane engines he'd been running since 1976. Learn why Bud chose diesel over propane, and how the fuel benefitted his operation.

  • ag_4_shultis

    Irrigation at Schultis Farms — Fairbury, Neb.

    Faced with drought-like conditions during the summer of 2012, Schultis Farms was forced to irrigate longer and more frequently. To reduce his costs and increase efficiency, Schultis upgraded to a powerful new propane-powered irrigation engine using the Propane Farm Incentive Program.

  • ag_4_shenandoah

    Irrigation at Shenandoah Dairy — Live Oak, Fla.

    This dairy purchased tier-3 compliant diesel engines to upgrade its 23 pivot irrigation system. Disappointed with the performance of the diesel engine, the dairy then added a propane engine — and had incredible results.

  • ag_4_swindle

    Irrigation at Swindle Farms — Elaine, Ark.

    This family-run operation primarily used diesel to power farm operations and irrigate its 8,000 acres. As prices for diesel continued to rise, however, Swindle decided to replace some of its old diesel engines with clean, efficient propane.

  • Leubner_image

    Grain Drying at Maple Lane Farms — Marietta, N.Y.

    After 30 years of use, this family-owned operation decided to upgrade their 1980 grain dryer and install a new, more efficient propane-powered model. Read how propane affected their drying costs and improved grain quality.

  • ag_4_carnahan

    Grain Drying at Carnahan & Sons, Inc. — Vincennes, Ind.

    Always looking to improve productivity, Carnahan & Sons Inc. upgraded to a new, propane-powered GSI X-Stream grain dryer. Find out how the dryer exceeded their expectations and widened their marketing window.

  • Stanislav Case Study

    Weed Control at Stanislav Organic Farm — Abie, Neb.

    Larry Stanislav participated in a University of Nebraska-Lincoln research study to test a propane flame weed control system on his organic farm. Read the study results to find out how propane controlled weeds effectively while reducing labor and fuel costs.

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