Aftermarket Stimulation Program

The primary objective of the Aftermarket Stimulation Program is the development of propane autogas aftermarket conversions through the introduction of a maximum of ten (10) new propane autogas fuel system certifications annually for high demand vehicles and engine platforms. Incremental criteria-based funding support is issued to qualifying companies to assist in the certification of high demand aftermarket conversion kits and their subsequent sales into the market.

Program Rules

1. PERC funding will not exceed $500,000.00 maximum during any annual funding cycle.
2. Maximum funding per OEM engine family is limited to $50,000.00 per applicant.
3. Maximum annual funding limit will not exceed $100,000.00 per applicant.
4. No exclusivity is permitted; therefore, equipment sales are independent of fuel sales. 

Program Procedures

An applicant must achieve the following milestones to receive the funding listed.
1. Application Review and Approval of the Autogas Aftermarket Task Force - PERC funding agreement forwarded to successful applicant for execution.
2. Certification Ready System with Lab Reservation - Written verification of certification ready system(s) and certification lab reservations are required.
3. Receipt of EPA Certificate - Initial payment of $25,000.00 will be issued when candidate supplies PERC with certificate copy.
4. Minimum 150 unit sales within a 12 month period after certification - Final payment of $25,000.00 will be issued to applicant after provision of required customer sales data.

Applying for funding

Applicants are required to register with PERC by going here. If applicants have questions or require assistance during the registration process, please contact Michael Taylor at michael.taylor@propane.com or at (859) 409-1439 or forward all questions to the aforementioned email address.