• Time to Switch to Propane.

    If the quiz told you it's time to start shopping for a new water heater, there are a few things you should know. Most important: propane water heaters perform better than electric models, in every category that matters.

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    Plus, you might be able to take advantage of rebates and incentives for installing a new propane-powered water heater. Check out this list of incentives by state to see if you qualify.

  • The Experts Agree

    Listen to these home improvement professionals, including Danny Lipford, host of Today's Homeowner, as they explain why propane water heaters are superior to electric models, for both savings and performance.


    This video further explains the updated Federal efficiency standards for water heaters, and how they're changing things for homeowners and construction professionals.


  • The Research Is In: Propane Tops Electric

    Res Map ImageYou don't have to take our word for it. Research by Newport Partners, LLC proves that propane-powered water heaters use less energy, cost less to operate, have lower CO2 emissions, and can even save floor space compared with electric systems. These are the same reasons propane water heaters are better able to overcome the challenges caused by new Federal regulations for water heaters.

    We've compiled the research from Newport Partners, LLC into fact sheets specific to the region in which you live. Find your region on the map, then download the fact sheet.

    Download Hot Climate Zone Fact Sheet »

    Download Mixed Climate Zone Fact Sheet »

    Download Cold Climate Zone Fact Sheet »

  • Make the Switch Today

    The quiz showed you it's time to pull the plug on your old water heater, and you've learned that a propane water heater is your best choice for saving money, saving energy, and reducing your carbon footprint. Ready to switch? Take a look at the advantages of storage tank and tankless water heaters.

    Storage Tank Water Heater Image

    Propane-Powered Storage Tank Water Heaters

    • Smaller than electric tanks with the same capacity.
    • Energy Star qualified.
    • Save 13 to 16 percent in annual energy costs.
    • Lower CO2 emissions than electric units.

    Download Fact Sheet »

    Tankless Water Heater Image

    Propane-Powered Tankless Waters

    • Endless hot water, on demand.
    • Save up to 9 to 16 square feet of floor space.
    • Save more than $150 in annual energy costs.
    • Up to 60 percent lower CO2 emissions.

    Download Fact Sheet »

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    Videos, training, and more propane resources specifically for plumbers are available at PropaneProfessional.com.

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