• Standby Generators

    Standby generators are permanently installed back-up electrical systems that turn on automatically when the primary power goes out in the event of a power failure or a natural disaster. Propane-powered standby generators grant homeowners added security because propane does not degrade over time like gas or diesel.

    Propane-powered generators come in a variety of sizes, and offer a wide range of features. Many standby generator units produce less than 60 decibels of noise, and can produce supplemental electricity often in as little as 10 seconds after primary power failure. A 7kW standby generator that draws fuel from a 250-gallon propane tank can provide enough electricity to power a home for up to five days.

  • Mirco-CHP Systems

    A micro-combined heat and power (m-CHP) system uses a propane-powered internal combustion engine to generate heat and power from a small internal electric generator. The micro-CHP system captures the thermal energy produced from the engine and transfers it to a hot water storage tank where it is available for space heating and domestic hot water use. The electricity produced by the generator is used throughout the home and any excess can be sold back to the electric utility provider. Visit buildwithpropane.com for more information about propane generators.

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