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Around the country, fleets of all sizes have turned to propane to become more profitable and productive. This is because propane offers a variety of convenient refueling and infrastructure options for small, medium, and large fleets — options that ensure crews spend more time mowing, and less time refueling. A knowledgeable propane provider in your area can help you choose the right solution for your business, but you can learn more about your options below.

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    Best for Small and Medium Fleets

    Cylinder Exchange

    With this option, the fuel comes straight to you, eliminating any refueling trips to the gas station. Cylinder exchange is typically the easiest and fastest option to setup. A cylinder exchange program may best for fleets with 5-10 mowers.

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    Best for Large Fleets

    On-Site Dispensing

    The infrastructure includes one large tank or more and a no-spill dispenser, which trained employees use to refill empty cylinders. Fleets have the option of leasing or owning the dispensing infrastructure. This option is best for fleets with more than 10 mowers.

    The refueling options mentioned above are examples only. Each situation is unique — your site or equipment-specific needs may dictate which solution works best for you. Your local propane professional can help you identify which model best suits your needs.

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