On-site propane refueling options can help maximize time on the jobsite. In comparison, the refueling of gasoline-fueled equipment often requires crew members to travel to an off-site fueling station. These extra stops can equate to hundreds of hours of unproductive time. With propane, landscape contractors have the flexibility to choose a system that best suits their operation. And regardless of the refueling option, their crew will spend more time mowing and less time refueling. Landscape contractors should talk to local propane retailers to select the best refueling solution. Options include:

  • lnds_3_4_cylinder

    A cylinder exchange program where a propane retailer delivers replacement propane tanks directly to a contractor's secure storage cage (or rack).

  • lnds_3_4_onsite

    An on-site dispensing station with a refueling infrastructure that includes a large tank and no-spill dispenser to allow the landscape contractor to refill empty cylinders and other equipment.