Case Studies and Fact Sheets


  • lnds_7_denison

    Denison Landscaping and Nursery Case Study

    This Maryland lawn and landscape company converted to propane-powered mowers and now estimates they save 80 cents to one dollar per gallon using propane. Impressed by both the fuel savings and performance of their new propane-powered mowers, they eventually invested in two Roush CleanTech Ford F-250 trucks. Propane has extended the life of their equipment and lowered maintenance costs.

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  • lnds_7_carson

    Carson’s Nurseries Case Study

    This 30-year-old lawn and landscape company added propane-powered equipment to their fleet and quickly experienced an impressive transformation in their business model. Propane-powered mowers improved efficiency, introduced new revenue sources, decreased spills and pilferage, and increased their overall profits.

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  • lnds_7_mastertrimmer

    Master Trimmers Case Study

    When this Missouri landscape company converted its mower fleet to run on propane, it saved $10,000 in fuel costs by the end of the first year, reduced overhead expenses, and was able to reduce rates for certain clientele, giving them a competitive advantage in the bidding process for larger jobs.

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  • lnds_7_mccoys

    McCoy’s Lawn Equipment Superstore Case Study

    This landscape equipment dealer gained a competitive advantage by becoming an early adopter of propane-powered commercial mowers. Austin, Texas-based McCoy's Lawn Equipment saw new customers from local governments and other landscape contractors that were seeking the low emissions and cost benefits that propane provides.

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