Products That Use Propane


In the agriculture industry, the value of propane isn't limited to the field. It influences all aspects of farming operations. Whether it's used in irrigation engines, grain dryers, standby generators, pickup trucks, or a variety of other applications, propane has the ability to efficiently fuel a wide variety of farm equipment.

Farmers may be familiar with propane as a fuel source, but they may know less about the high-performing propane technology that only recently has started to come to market. Here is an overview of the new generation of propane-powered farm equipment available today.


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    Irrigation Engines

    The new propane-powered engines are more efficient than older propane models and can provide farmers with an immediate savings in fuel costs compared with diesel or gasoline.

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    Grain Dryers

    New propane-powered units are extremely efficient and distribute a very precise heat, which ensures that the grain dries evenly and results in a high-quality yield.

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    Building and Water Heating

    A growing number of farmers are using propane-powered building and water heaters in their operations.

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    Flame Weed Control

    Propane-powered flame weed control is growing in popularity because it's an environmentally friendly alternative to herbicides that is equally effective.

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    Trucks and Other Vehicles

    Propane-powered light-duty pickups offer farmers an American-made fuel option with lower operating costs and lower emissions than those running on gasoline or diesel.

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    Propane-powered mowers can provide an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly option for lawn maintenance.

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    Standby Generators

    Propane-powered standby generators provide farmers with an additional layer of security because propane does not degrade over time like gasoline or diesel.

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